What treatment approaches do you think have not been explored enough?


Susan Marquet said...

Dendritic cell vaccines seem to hold promise for a safe treatment that could be used to prevent deadly recurrences in people at high risk of recurrence in many types of cancer. Also, some supplements may be beneficial for prevention but there is lack of research in the US and also, since they are not covered by insurance, many people would not be able to afford them even if they were proven. Research in this area should include supplements currently used outside of the US as well.

Melissa Nicholas said...

I agree with Susan, it would benefit patients tremendously if "Big Pharma" and the "Holistic World" came together to prescribe treatments that worked together to cure the disease. On my own personal level, just including a Licensed Nutritionist along with my chemotherapy has literally kept me on the ice where I continue to skate with our children getting ready for another mother/daughter program for the recital at our rink this August along with playing stick and puck hockey with our son over the summer. I couldn't imagine doing any of that without the help of a nutritionist ;-).

Judy Topof said...

I think the concept of thermography for early detection of cancer should be further explored.
Thermography does not use radiation or x-rays of any kind, nor does it compress the breast, yet poses the capability of detecting areas of active cellular mitosis which might be the growth of cancer cells based on the heat given off by these rapidly dividing cells.
This has tremendous potential for possibly detecting cancerous tumors before they can be detected by a mammogram.